Communally Owned Cat

If they were taken sick or got heart, who help them ?

Always some specific cat lovers are helping them to pay their own's expenses. As you know, it costs expensive.

I hope I can be of some help to them. I came up with some idea.

Part of the sales can be helpful for them.
Part of the sales means not only cat's items but also whole aitems I'm selling on the internet shop.
So, I've started new business like this!
Then I've found my some friends who are artist.

And they are cat lover like me!

They have great artwork not only cats but also Okinawan culture!
Then I've started to sell their artwork as original unique postcards!
Their artwork is full of love!
Thank you for reading.

Photographer : hirolu

沖縄の伝統 ミンサー柄

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